Investing in an outdoor patio will immediately upgrade your outdoor space and extend your living area. The size and shape of the patio you add to your backyard space can be totally customized depending on your needs, so before you determine exactly how large you want your patio to be, there are a few other questions you need to ask yourself.

1. How Large is Your Backyard?

Most of the time, you only have your current backyard space to work with when designing your patio. While you can certainly use the bulk of it for patio space, consider any other uses for your backyard space. If you have landscaping that you want to maintain, you may want to build around it. You also may want to maintain the grassy area that your dogs play in. No matter the size of your backyard, you will be able to add a patio for that extra functionality you’re looking for.

2. What Are Your Plans for the Patio?

Are you planning on sitting outside by yourself and reading? Or are you looking for a space to invite family and friends over for holidays and special occasions? Your goals and plans for your outdoor space will largely determine how much patio space you need. Think ahead to the type of furniture you want on your patio or if you want to add a fireplace or firepit. If you’re considering larger pieces like a long dining room table, you will need a larger patio to accommodate them.

3. Are You Adding an Outdoor Kitchen?

Many homeowners use their patios to host their outdoor kitchens. No matter if you plan on adding just a basic grill or a fully-custom outdoor patio, you have to take the needed space into consideration. For example, you can’t place furniture right next to your grill, there needs to be enough space for both. The smaller the patio, the less built-out your kitchen will likely be, unless you’re comfortable with sacrificing the living space. Of course, our experts at Austin Outdoor Living can help build out bar space in your outdoor kitchen to accommodate seating and your outdoor kitchen.

4. Are You Adding a Patio Cover?

Another consideration when designing your patio size is whether or not you want to add a patio cover or pergola. Depending on your use of the patio you may choose to cover the entire patio or just part of it. Patio covers and pergolas will provide shade on your patio in the summer and help protect it (and the people under it) from the natural elements. When designing your patio, bring up your desire to add a patio cover and pergola and they will be able to recommend a setup to best suit your needs.

As you can see, there are more considerations to choosing your patio size than you may have originally realized! At the end of the day, the right size patio for your home is the one that will be the most functional for your family and provide the best aesthetics for your yard. For all of your patio needs in the Austin area, choose Austin Outdoor Living and give us a call today!