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Welcome to Austin Outdoor Living Group

If you can dream it, we can build it and, if you can’t then our expert design consultants can help you unlock the hidden beauty in your own backyard!

Austin Outdoor Living Group is a full service design and construction company based in Central Texas. With over 20 years of design and construction experience in Austin and the surrounding areas we have become the foremost experts for building in these challenging and beautiful terrains. From the design experts who help you dream up your project to the craftsmen who actually bring it to life, we are commited to making sure you are not only satisfied but, are completely thrilled with our services.

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We help build 3 types of decks. Composite Decks, Softwood Decks, Hardwood Decks. We will help consult you on what would work best for your needs and budget. Read a little bit more about the three different types below.


From simple shade structures to more elaborate and decorative statement features, a pergola can be just the thing you need complete your outdoor living space. The versatility of a pergola is what makes it one of the most popular backyard or garden additions to a home. Whether you are relaxing on the patio on a sunny day or enjoying a family cookout, the open air feel and adequate shade provided by a pergola can bring a park-like feel to any sun-scorched backyard.


A well-built and designed patio cover can add not only function to your home but can be a great investment in value to your home as the popularity of outdoor living spaces continues to rise. Patio covers come in a wide variety of styles and materials. Aluminum is a lightweight and easy to maintain option, or, you can choose to have a framed and roofed patio cover that blends in more as a part of your home rather than an add-on. Compare the costs, convenience and durability of each of these options when making your decision. Look through the galleries to get a feel for how you want your outdoor living space defined and, discuss the options available with our designer, he will be able to recommend a style that will not only compliment your home and meet your outdoor living needs, but also, match your budget.


The latest trend in the market is incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your outdoor living space. Don’t settle for a prefabricated notion of what your ideal outdoor kitchen should be. Instead of conforming to what is available create a kitchen that is truly your own and reflects the lifestyle you have. The many options available can be overwhelming but, our designers can help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen and stay within your budget while doing it. Anything from wine coolers to kegerators, stainless steel gourmet grills, or specialized charcoal grills, the list of accessories that can be added to your outdoor kitchen is limitless.


Outdoor Fireplaces are a beautiful addition to an outdoor living space that can bring flare and grandeur to your home like nothing else. The popularity of these outdoor features in recent years has skyrocketed and with good cause. Outdoor Fireplaces can be enjoyed practically year round in an open air outdoor living environment. The basic components of a fireplace are fairly standard, you have a firebox, a flue, a fuel source, and a chimney, beyond that your imagination is the limit to what we can do.


Many home owners choose to invest in porches & patios because they transform the entire look and feel of the home. Nice looking porches will give guests a good first impression even before they step into your home. It shows that you have taken time to maintain the outdoors as well. Porches & patios can make your guests feel comfortable in the outdoor space. In order to get the ideal look in these outdoor areas, proper planning is a must.

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