Need more square footage to accommodate your family or to host parties and gatherings? Instead of looking indoors, look out. Adding an outdoor kitchen is one of the more efficient, cost-effective, and practical ways to extend your living space. Consider this – adding an outdoor kitchen is going to be a much easier undertaking than remodeling or expanding the interior of your home. 

On top of the value an outdoor kitchen adds to your home, family and visitors alike will appreciate the new indoor/outdoor feel your home has. Keep in mind that not all outdoor kitchens are created equally, and there are dozens – if not hundreds – of various customizations you can add to your outdoor kitchen setup to make it uniquely your own. However, most outdoor kitchens include a grill or cooktop, a sink, a mini-fridge, and storage. 

Browse our outdoor kitchen ideas below to gather inspiration for your next home improvement project! 

Make it Circular

If outdoor entertaining is a priority with your outdoor kitchen, choosing a more circular design is a no brainer. Creating a circle or semi-circular bar surround for your outdoor kitchen gives your guests the perfect place to lounge and chat while you play host. 

The material choices for your circular outdoor kitchen can be as varied as your design. Consider a granite or tile countertop to rest upon a stone covered bar support, or use brick, flagstone, or slate to customize your outdoor entertaining space. You can use the same materials in your grill surround to create a unified look. The materials chosen should complement your home’s exterior or create a bold contrasting space. 

Add Some Shade

One of the best ways to give your outdoor kitchen the feeling of an actual room is by adding a pergola. Pergolas are wooden structures created by adding a wooden grid on top of vertical posts that can be stained to match any home exterior. Your pergola design can be as simple or as detailed as you would like; many clients choose designs with small, yet impactful intricacies on the wood to give the pergola a polished and professional look. 

Pergolas are extremely low maintenance – with a maintenance schedule similar to a wood fence – that includes cleaning and staining the fence every few years. Their durability will ensure they last many, many years of your home, so you can enjoy their shade and beauty for years to come. 

Add a Backsplash

For a truly refined look, consider adding a backsplash to your outdoor kitchen. Not only do backsplashes add a decorative piece to your kitchen, but their height is extremely functional. Adding a backsplash will prevent any cooking grease or oil from hitting areas where it shouldn’t – like your outdoor kitchen countertop – making cleaning up after cooking a breeze. Many people choose to tile their outdoor kitchen backsplash, but bricks, flagstone, and a variety of other materials can be used – whatever best compliments the other materials chosen for your kitchen design. 

No matter what your outdoor kitchen dreams include, Austin Outdoor Living can bring them to life. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation!