As summer approaches and we all look forward to spending more time outdoors, it’s the perfect time to look into adding more shade to your backyard – after all, while it’s nice to be outside, the Texas heat can get unbearable. Luckily, a pergola – one of the best solutions for adding backyard shade – is both beautiful and functional. If you’re curious about the benefits of pergolas, consider this your guide; let’s dive in!

Low Maintenance

When constructed with high-quality materials by a professional installation team, you can expect to enjoy your pergola for years to come without having to worry about any time-consuming maintenance. While pergolas can be constructed using a variety of materials, one of the most popular is western red cedar. Used because of its natural oils and insect-repelling properties, western red cedar needs very little care. 

The only maintenance you need to consider is staining or sealing your wood to prolong its life. Not only does staining add beautiful rich color, but it also prevents the natural elements from weathering the wood and premature splintering. Stains and seals need to be reapplied every few years, similar to a wood fence. 


A well-constructed pergola will give you years of enjoyment. Not only do the natural characteristics of western red cedar lumber help prevent insects, mildew, and wood rot from forming, but the use of high-quality screws and bolts will keep the pergola steady and stabilize it against the home. Of course, having the pergola installed by a team of professionals – like our experts at Austin Outdoor Living – it will retain its value and not lose its form. 

Space Definition

Similar to walls around a room, a pergola defines a space. No matter if you want to cover your outdoor kitchen, create an outdoor living space, or shade your hot tub, a pergola allows you to create different spaces without having to invest in expensive landscaping or additional furniture. The best part about using a pergola for space definition is that the addition of the pergola won’t make your yard feel closed off or smaller. With the open slats and surrounds, you’ll enjoy natural light and breeze, along with shade. 

Helpful for Landscaping

Your mental image of a pergola most likely includes some sort of vine or plant making its way up the posts and top of the pergola. That’s because most landscaping thrives with the presence of a pergola; many vines, ivy, wisteria, and grapevines will use the pergola for the support they need to grow tall and expand. Once you’ve installed your pergola, add some of your favorite plants and watch them thrive!

On top of their beauty and durability, pergolas can be fully customized for your space – they’re an extremely flexible addition. If you’re interested in adding a pergola to your backyard, give our team at Austin Outdoor Living a call for a consultation today!